SoccerProject European League (SPEL)



SoccerProject European League (SPEL) is a new project - an international competition which is supposed to attract new managers at SoccerProject (SP) and bring a new piece of passion for those mangers who might be loosing their interest in SP due to the lack of any change in this online-game for last few years and try to encourage them to keep on playing our favourite football manager by giving them a chance to meet and fight the best teams in Europe (but also for the years-passionate players, indeed).

The organizers of SPEL believe to bring back to life the tradition of previously very popular international competitions SPCL and SP UEFA, in which only the best teams (mostly) from the European countries took part. Sadly, the organizers were not able to start a new season of these competitions again, which led to its end.

Czech and Slovak communities maintain the tradition of their national competitions which have two purposes: to compare the strength of their teams within a nation (country) and to make the common insignificant friendly matches become competitive, thus widening SP by one (or more) competitions and many more interesting matches. The advantage of competing in national competitions is that managers can easily communicate and chat about their upcoming matches, share their emotions of the match results and thanks to the distance even go out and hang out in real life, making new friends this way.

Therefore, five of us (managers from Czech and Slovak republic) decided to co-work and create this new project (following the tradition of SPCL and SP UEFA). Each one of us has a wealth of experience in organizing national competitions or other very popular competitions in our Czech & Slovak community. We can provide professional and friendly attitude concurrently for all the participants.

SPEL starts at the beginning of the upcoming season. This season will be considered as the zero season, so it might not be perfect yet; we will work on the details during the season, try to fix things up as soon as possible. Some changes may be first introduced in the officially first season. Of course, we are waiting for your suggestions and comments on how to improve SPEL and to help us identify and resolve any problem.

Last but not least, we would like to thank all managers who decided to join this project and wish them best luck in this competition.


Organizing committee